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Pipe & Tobacco Retailers (mainly UK and the odd overseas)
AITS - The Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists listing loads of retailers.
Aireys of Kendal - Not a bad town to have a tobacconist in...
Al Pascia - Italian retailer with vast range of pipes and lovely videos detailing each pipe.
Birds of Bristol - Bristol's only specialist tobacconist.
BnB Tobacco - Virginia (US) based e-tailer with a wide range of cigars and pipe tobacco.
Brucciani - Long established tobacconists in Carlisle.
Choice Select - York's specialist tobacconist celebrating 50 years in 2018.
E A Carey - Long established tobacconist from Guernsey with their own pipe and tobacco range.
Estate Pipe Shop - Dean Wakeman's excellent pipe shop.  He also does pipe repairs and restoration.
Famous Smoke Shop - US e-tailer with a vast range of cigars and associated stuff.
GQ Tobaccos - Re-kindled store originally set-up by the legendary Glynn Quelch.
Gauntley's - Huge range of tobacco, pipes and smoker's accessories.  They do their own blends and are sole UK stockists of the American GL Pease blends.
Havana House - Windsor based shop with a large range witha speciality in fine cigars.
JJ Fox - Ancient tobacco sellers of St. James's London.  You are even allowed to sample blends in-store.  They also have their own Fox pipe tobacco range blended by Planta.
James Barber - Large range of stuff from Otley.
Johnny's - Well stocked tobacconist since 1970 in Newquay.
MW Ashton - Independent tobacconist in Ipswich since 1946.
McGahey - Old school tobacconist in Exeter.
My Smoking Shop - Huge range of tobacco, pipes and smoker's requisites.  Delivers at warp speed.
Robert Graham - Shops around the country selling tobacco, pipes and whisky.
Smoke-King - The website for Greens of Leeds.  Huge range of pipes & tobacco.
Taylor's of Brighton - Brighton's premier tobacconist.
The Backy Shop - The website for the Black Swan shops in Scarborough, Wakefield and Whitby with a good range of stuff.
The Danish Pipe Shop - A bewildering range of pipes and other stuff from Copenhagen.
The Pipe Shop - Huge range of pipe, tobacco and accessories in Edinburgh.
Tobacco Specialists - The online shop for Smokers World in Blackburn.
Tobacco UK - Specialist tobacconist in Nottingham.
UK Tobacco - Useful site with links to all kinds of pipe and cigar related matters.

Pipe Makers & Manufacturers

Amorelli - Famous Italian pipe manufacturer.

Askwith Pipes – High quality and unusual English hand-made pipes by Chris Askwith.

Becker Pipes - Hand-made pipes from Italy.

Brebbia - High quality Italian pipes.

Blakemar Briars - Quality UK pipes and pipe repair at affordable prices.

Blue Lobster Pipes - Weird and wonderful German pipes that are more akin to alien life-forms.

Bonfiglioli Alberto - Old school Italian pipe maker with a sense of humour.  The website is a bit clunky but it's worth a good look around.

Brigham Pipes - Established quality Canadian manufacturer with their own 'rock maple' filter system.

Butz Choquin - World famous quality French pipe manufacturer.

Castello - Super high-quality Italian artisan pipes.

Chacom - The legendary French pipe manufacturer.

Creative Briar Pipes - High end American hand made pipes.

Dagner Pipes - High quality, innovative and affordable pipes from USA (made in Italy).

Danish Pipe Makers - Excellent umbrella site with a long list of Danish pipe makers.

Dunhill Pipes - Highest quality briars for those who don’t mind having a second mortgage for their smoking equipment.

Eldritch Pipes - Weird & wonderful pipes for the weird & wonderful.

Erik Nording - Well known Danish artisan pipe maker.

Francois Dal Pipes - Fantastic quality pipes and restoration from this Belgian artisan at reasonable prices.

Gabriele Pipes - Top end Italian artisan pipe maker.

Gray Mountain Pipes - USA artisan pipe maker Mark Gradberg's site.

Howell Handmade Pipes - Jack Howell from the USA.

Invicta Briars – High quality hand-made English pipes at reasonable prices.

J Alan Pipes - High end pipes from southern California.

J M Boswells - Well known American pipe maker.  They also do some great tobaccos.

Jan Zeman - Hand crafted pipes from New Zealand.

Joe Case Pipes - High quality hand-made pipes.  Does a nice line in Stubby Pokers.

Jopp Handmade Pipes - German artisan pipe maker with his own grading system.

Joura Pipes - Long established German pipe maker.

Julius Vesz Pipes - Long established high end Canadian pipe maker.

Karel Krska - Large range of hand-made pipes from a Czech artisan pipe maker.

Ken Pipes - Japanese artisan pipe maker.

Kirsten Pipes - Unique metal pipes from Seattle.  Allegedly the coolest pipes in the world with their own moisture trap system.

Kopp - Large German pipe manufacturer with a great website.

M Gasparini Pipes - Italian pipes since 1948.

Mario Gilli Pipes - Nice colourful site with a large range of pipe styles and shapes.

Missouri Meerschaum - Corn cobs for chaps on a budget or aspiring hillbillies...

Morgan Pipes - Home of 'The Briar Cigar' and other high quality pipes.

Northern Briars – Ian Walker’s superb English hand-made pipe collection.

Old Dominion Pipe Co. - Authentic corn cob and clay pipes from Virginia.

Petersons of Dublin – Arguably the most famous pipe maker in the world.  Peterson’s also do a fine range of tobacco and accessories.

Pipe Moretti - Pipes from Marco Bianco; another Italian class act.

Pipes by Mariner - Long established American pipe maker.

Rattray's - Huge range of elegant pipes.

Reddog Pipes - By Basil Meadows famed for his 'Bullitt Proof Cobs.

Sabina Pipes - Sabina Santos based in Portugal makes some stunning pipes.  Her 'Soul Collection' has to be seen to be believed.

Savinelli - Legendary Italian pipe maker.

Vauen – High quality German pipe producer.

Tobacco Manufacturers

Cornell & Diehl - Hand-made American tobacco with some great blend names.  They also do the manufacturing for GL Pease.

Dan Pipe - well known German tobacco blenders.

Davidoff - Pipe tobacco, cigars, pipes and a range of accessories.

E Hoffman Tobacco - From Chicago and home of the famous 'Spilman Mixture'.

Gawith Hoggarth – Legendary English tobacco producer.

GL Pease – American artisan tobaccos from 'The Dark Lord'.

HU Tobacco - High quality tobaccos 'micro-blended' in Germany by Hans Weidemann.

Hearth & Home Tobacco - Independent American blenders.

J f Germain & Son - Jersey tobacco producers since 1820.

J M Boswells - Well known American independent tobacco blender.  They also do some great pipes.

Johannes Nieboer - Dutch tobacco producer of 'Black Vessel' pipe tobacco the range.

Kohlhase & Kopp - German manufacturers of a wide range of tobaccos.

Macbaren – Danish tobacco par excellence.

Mostex Group - Home of Czech company Stanislaw.  Not really a manufacturer as such, but they do have their own extensive range of tobaccos made for them.

Planta - Ancient tobacco manufacturer in Berlin.  Does a large range of brands and has a nice PDF catalogue of products for download.

R.L. Will Tobaccos - Historic German tobacco manufacturer of Reiner and Solani blends.

Samuel Gawith – Another legendary English tobacco producer and most definitely ‘old school’ manufacturers of the finest quintissentially English tobaccos.  Now re-united with Gawith Hoggarth but the brand lives on.

Scandanavian Tobacco Group - Danish manufacturer of many well-known brands.

Sutliff Tobacco - American company based in Virginia owned by Macbaren.

Vincent Manil - Tobacco producer from the unique Semois region in Belgium.  His shop is also a fascinating museum.

Von Eicken - German tobacco manufacturer.


Pipe Clubs

Bedford Pipe Club - English pipe club formed July 2016.  We wish them all the best.

Comite International of Pipe Smokers Clubs – The international umbrella group of Pipe Clubs.

Pipe Club of Madrid - Spain's premiere group of amigos de la pipa.

New York Pipe Club - These Chaps definitely have their stuff together with their own blends an' all.

Pipe Club of Lebanon - The Middle East's premier pipe club.

Pipe Club of London – Established in 1970.

Pipe Club of Norfolk – Established in 1973.

Pipe Club of Sweden - Well organised and large club established in 1991.

The Vancouver Pipe Club - Canada's premier and thriving pipe club.


Bothy Music

Bongshang - The 'acid-croft' sorcerers from Shetland.  Although not currently together if you can get your hands on (3 albums) their music, it is wonderfully atmospheric.

Gangstagrass - Band from Brooklyn NY where bluegrass meets hip-hop.  "Say what?"  Trust us and check 'em out...

Hank III - The grandson of Hank Williams kicks ass with music running through alt-country (white man's blues), rockabillly to hellbillly.

Shooglenifty - Have fuelled the chaps on many a bothy-night.  Arguably the greatest 'bothy-band' of all time.

The Bad Shepherds - With Adrian Edmondson playing 'thrash mandolin' on all your favourite 70/80's punk tunes with a folk twist.  What could possibly be bad about that?



Adz Pipes - A one stop shop if you want to know what to do with your pipe collection if you live to see the Zombie apocolypse (and lots of other stuff).

British Beard & Moustache Championships - The place for chaps who are competitive about their facial hair.

Camilla's Bookshop - One of the best secondhand bookshops in the country.  A truly wonderful place to visit if you find yourself on the south coast.

Dutch Pipe Smoker - Interesting blog from Dutch KPC member Arno.

Feuerhand - Legendary German hurricane lanterns that have been available since the stone age; cracking kit for yuor bothy night.

International Tobacco Growers Association - A non-profit umbrella group for tobacco farmers worldwide.

John D Burns - The site of KPC member and author of The Last Hillwalker.

Justina Smile - Lovely photography by a Latvian lass living in Dundee.

Mountain Bothies Association - The MBA look after about 100 bothies.

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - The one stop shop for 'Chap-Hop'.

Pipe Smoker Unlimited - Excellent and lively forum for pipe and cigar smokers.

Pipedia - A Wiki for pipes - loads of pipe and tobacco information. - Vast amount of pipe related information.

Pipes Magazine - US site stuffed full of pipe and tobacco information.  Includes the excellent Pipes Magazine radio podcast with Brian Levine.

Smoking Metal - Fantastically informative site about all kinds of metal pipes.

The British Beard Club - The home of the British beard.  

The Chap magazine – A modicum of sanity in our stressed world.  The essential resource for all things Chap.

The Handlebar Club - The site for chaps with: "a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extemities."

The Harris Tweed Authority - Great site for all things Harris Tweed.  Don't mess with the Western Isles woollens or you'll have these chaps after you. 

SCooSA - Beautiful and rugged portable pipe cases made by US-based KPC member 'Clint'.

The Spaceguard Centre - The centre atop of a hill in Mid-Wales run by Major Jay Tate who enjoys his pipe whilst he scours the skies for Near Earth Objects in a bid to prevent Human extinction.  Well worth a visit.

Tobacco Reviews – A vast number of tobaccos reviewed on this American website.

Tweedman's Vintage - High quality secondhand tweeds and other clothing for the chap of repute.

The Worlds's Finest Cufflinks  - KPC member Dave Atkins, from Melbourne, Australia, produces a stunning range of cufflinks to suit the discerning requirements of any chap.